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sWintern House Health and Wellness are an enthusiastic group of practitioners and therapists who are passionate about healthy bodies and minds. The best approach to a holistic healthcare system is to work as a team under one roof.


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What we offer here at  Wintern House 



A variety of yoga and pilates classes for all abilities.

There are several classes running daily with Kat

Follow the link below for the class timetable

Alchemy Yoga

We are super excited to announce that  Nathalie Merour from ALCHEMY YOGA is running her Hatha Yoga class every Wednesday morning at 9.30am. 

She will also be teaching Meditation Yoga from Tuesday 4th February at 5.15 pm.  Learn the basics of yoga from the very beginning!

“It will calm your mind and make you feel more focused and alert, which will help you relax more easily.” 


Please register interest now by contacting Nathalie on:  07974690623


Aroma Touch Treatment using Essential oils

AromaTouch Technique is a unique, powerful & deeply relaxing essential oil experience. A clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet; balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems . doTERRA pure essential oils are applied in a precise sequence with a light touch massage on the back, and firmer touch on the soles of the feet.The AromaTouch technique utilizes eight specific essential oils and blends for; stress reduction, immune enhancement, inflammatory response reduction and homeostasis. Suitable for all.

And you can learn more about the power of Essential oils at interactive talks  / classes where you can also make and take home 4 of your own roller balls.

Cathlene Slade – Natural Balance


Now Do Yoga with Lisa Phillips

Get ready for the weekend!

Be the best version of yourself.  This term, Lisa is concentrating on winding down after a busy work week in preparation for the weekend.  Come and join her at 6pm on Fridays.

Please let her know you are coming: 07795494812.

Classes start again on Friday 10th January.



Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind. You can compare it to being engrossed in a television programme whilst overhearing a conversation in the background – all else fades into unimportance. 

In this state of altered consciousness, it becomes possible to make changes to the way we think, behave or feel.

Jonathan is a qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.  By using a set of hypnosis techniques, your mind is open to positive changes that you may need to alter and improve your thoughts or behaviour.

Topic of the month – ALCOHOL


A wonderful combination of slow and rhythmic palm and finger acupressure, massage and gentle yoga stretches along the body’s energy lines, to restore the harmony, improve vitality and reduce stress.

Reflexology for Children

The workshops are filled with fun activities, using a collection of delightful rhymes, pictures and stories to engage children and teach the simple reflexology. The programme is delivered by a specially qualified instructor and is supported by high quality materials for you to take away including the lovely hard-back book, THE MOUSE’S HOUSE and high quality hand-outs to remind you what you’ve learned each week.

Please contact Wintern House directly or

Kathryn Wilson 07787168794



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