Talking therapy enables you to discuss and help resolve personal difficulties with a trained professional

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Many people go through emotional struggles and distress at some point in their lives.




Here at Wintern House we have counsellors who are specialists in the therapy of talking.

 This may include anxiety, depression, problems at work or relationship and family issues. These factors can impact not only your mental state but your physical wellbeing too. Often, the last thing you want to do is to talk to a counsellor. However, talking things through often explains why you feel this way and can be a great source of relief.

Counselling can help with:

Mental Health General
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Self Esteem
Women-Specific Issues

Therapies offered





Person Centred



Talking Therapists and Counsellors

Izzy Sturgess

Izzy Sturgess

Registered BACP Counsellor


My name is Izzy Sturgess and I am a qualified Humanistic Gestalt Counsellor. I started my counselling training in 2012 and run my own private practice from Pembrokeshire, West Wales. I see adults, children and young people face to face, online and over the phone. I have worked with a variety of people from a wide range of backgrounds in my private practice and the voluntary sector.

My specialist interests include but are not limited to:

  • anxiety
  • suicidal ideation
  • self harm
  • bereavement

Counselling can be a really useful tool for our self care, emotional, mental and physical health. I offer a non judgemental and safe space for people to explore their feelings and try out new ways of being, such as different behaviours and ways of thinking. I don’t have a magic wand (if only), but I do have your best interests and personal safety at the forefront of our work. I am very passionate about giving clients a space to be their authentic self, and believe that self-awareness is the first step to change.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and I adhere to their ethical framework.

For more information, please visit my website or my social media pages.

Aylward Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

Aylward Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

I am Andrea Aylward, an experienced and professionally qualified counsellor and psychotherapist.

I believe that therapy is about moving on from the challenges that can block our lives and seeking change through exploring the hope, potential and opportunity within us.

The first change that occurs is in someone recognising that they need support and then taking the positive step of making contact. The support I offer is in gently and safely assisting them to explore, challenge and change the things that are standing in their way.

Therapy is also about developing positive mental health skills and strategies, in order to maintain long term health and happiness.

My hope is to enable others to move beyond their challenges, reach their goals and enjoy more fulfilling lives.

Sarah Mullis

Sarah Mullis

BACP registered Adlerian counsellor

Contact Sarah at to arrange a free 15 minute introductory phone call.”

“Hi, I’m Sarah, a BACP registered Adlerian counsellor and psychotherapist now offering sessions at Wintern House.

I work with clients facing challenging times in their lives, experiencing mental health issues like anxiety and depression, or who simply feel like they could do with getting to know themselves a little better in order to move forward in life. I also work with couples to help uncover dynamics in their relationships that cause conflict, and reorientate to cooperative ways of being together.

What is Adlerian Therapy?

Adlerian therapy, rooted in the principles of Alfred Adler, focuses on gaining insight into our patterns and feelings to foster positive change. Adlerian therapy is an encouraging, holistic and down to earth approach. You are the expert on you, and so together with my knowledge we will gather insight on your core beliefs, goals and strengths in order to help you face life’s challenges. By understanding our unique perspective on life, we can develop new ways of being that work for us.

During our sessions we will discuss what’s going on for you in the here and now, and we will also look back, particularly at childhood. The beliefs we form early on in life have an impact upon the way we live, and so the more insight we get into then, the better we can understand now, and begin to take action to change things.

Insight + Action = Change

Ready to take the first step? Contact Sarah at to arrange a free 15 minute introductory phone call.”



We also have other counsellors working privately within Wintern House.  Please contact 01348 875221 for further information.

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