School of the Sacred Feminine

with Reva Adie

Sacred Embodied Living

Embracing the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine 


Reva supports individuals to explore and reflect upon habitual and conditioned beliefs, moving towards a more authentic, connected, embodied, and satisfying life experience. She supports a holistic approach uplifting our physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies.



Reva has over 30 years’ experience of exploring the deeper mysteries of life, she is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner, ayurvedic and food as medicine advisor, artist, deliberate creator, and psychotherapist (MSc, UKCP).



In 2020 Reva founded the School of the Sacred Feminine, supporting the re-emergence of the sacred feminine and offers courses and retreats. She is visiting tutor at Mandala Yoga Ashram and for the British Wheel of Yoga. She is the author of ‘A Guide to Conscious Menopause, Passage to Wise Woman.’




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Holistic Coaching


Would you like support to find more wellbeing, balance, and contentment in your life?


Are you at a transition in your life such as parenthood, peri- menopause/ menopause or loss of a loved one?


Do you feel that now is the time to make significant or radicle changes to your life but not sure here to start?


Are you experiencing a loss of faith, direction, or purpose?


Do you want to explore a holistic perspective to your health concerns?


Are you feeling a calling to find deeper meaning and perspective to our life?


Do you feel overwhelmed or disconnected?


Holistic coaching sessions are based on your unique needs. During your session, I bring a breadth of skills and experiences to support you and meet you where you are.


Through this programme I offer support and guidance so you can live your life more authentically, with more joy, wellbeing, and abundance. I offer personalised, confidential one-to-one coaching sessions to support you in creating a life that you define as successful. The programme includes reflection and exploration, holistic health support and practices to support your journey.


I share the techniques and tools you need to make profound changes, transform your perspective, and begin living the life you desire. Through holistic coaching you will:


  • Have a better understanding of your conditioning and blocks that limit you.
  • Have let go or loosened limiting beliefs.
  • Have more clarity about who you are and what you want.
  • Have a clearer vision about your life’s purpose.
  • Experience change, both within yourself and in the world around you- better relationships, more abundance, increased joy, and satisfaction.
  • Be able to make better choices in your life.
  • Be more authentic, embodied and feel more empowered.

For free initial discussion contact Reva: schoolofthesacredfeminine@gmail.com

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Services Offered

Workshops – In-depth workshops to help you remember yourself as an ever-expanding vibrational being.


Weekly Sessions – I offer several weekly classes and sessions, in-person in Newport, Pembs, and also online.


1:1 Coaching – One to one mentoring for women and men who would like support on their spiritual journey.

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