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  16th May 2020

Fishguard Chiropractic Clinic is able to provide emergency care but currently unable to provide routine chiropractic appointments.  If you are in urgent need of chiropractic care, please contact us on 01348 875221 or email office@fixyourback.co.uk  

Curlew Chiropody can be contacted for emergency care -please call Jessica on 07562752785.

 All other classes and therapies offered at Wintern House are unable to resume normal working hours at the moment.

To all our Guests at Wintern House Health and Wellness


Wintern House Health and Wellness and Fishguard Chiropractic Clinic has conducted a thorough risk assessment to ensure adequate levels of safety are implemented and maintained.  We are following the most up-to-date Government and Professional Body guidance and have put in place stringent patient triage, hygiene, sanitation and infection control protocols to protect our patients, guests and team members.  Despite these precautions, there is a risk of transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and it is important that you understand the risk.  Please read the information below which details the changes we have made, our protocols and our expectations from you.  



Should I come in or not?

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 PLEASE DO NOT VISIT US.  Symptoms include:


•  a new persistent dry cough

•  high temperature (over 37.8 degrees celsius)

•  sore throat / loss of sense of smell / shortness of breath

•  fatigue




If you are not sure what to do you are welcome to call us on 01348 875221 or view the NHS guidelines online at (https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19). 


If you have breathing difficulties, call NHS helpline on 111.


If you consider your issue to be an emergency, contact us first and we will do our very best to assist you.


Government guidelines stipulate that the following categories known as “at risk” should avoid face-to-face contact and maintain strict social distancing.


These include:

•  over 70 years old (unless arranged separately with the Chiropractor)

•  pregnant

•  have underlying health conditions as listed by the NHS coronavirus guidelines below




The Welsh Government has extended its lock-down status until 31st May 2020.  We understand that this may cause confusion as it is slightly different to the IK Government advice.  We are trying our best to safeguard our team, our guests and our community.



Please read the information below which details the changes we have made, our protocols and our expectations from you.  


We wish you the very best and we shall continue to give the best care we can.



The information and guidance regarding COVID-19 given to us by the Government and our professional bodies is changing on an almost daily basis.  On 23rd March 2020 our governing and professional bodies advised us to temporarily cease face to face appointments.  The Government published a Statutory Instrument on 26th March 2020, no. 350 ‘The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) 2020’ confirming that it was lawful for a chiropractic practice to remain open.   The government and our governing body, the General Chiropractic Council have permitted us to stay open to reduce pressure on the NHS GP surgeries and hospitals for people with musculoskeletal issues.  We have now been advised that we can see patients with a ‘medical need’ for emergency chiropractic care.



Changes we have made

We have implemented significant protocol changes at the centre to maximise the safety of your visit.

We will continue to adapt where needed in order to do the utmost for you, our team and our families.


All patients contacting us for an appointment are triaged over the phone to establish:

  • whether COVID-19 symptoms are present
  • if you are self-isolating or in the higher risk categories or living with someone who is shielding
  • whether your pain / condition is considered to be an emergency

We provide telephone / video consultations to give help and advice to help ease the pain

Face to Face (F2F) appointments are offered if the symptoms persist or worsen even after following the advice given during the phone / video consultation.

If a F2F appointment is required, you will be emailed a health questionnaire to complete prior to your visit.  If this questionnaire has not been completed before you attend you will not be able to continue with care on that day. The form is to ensure that you are eligible for care at this time.

You will receive a call the day before your appointment to ensure that you and your immediate family are well and to run through the protocol for the following day.


What to expect – PPE (personal protective equipment)

The guidelines advise us to wear a disposable apron and gloves which will be changed for every guest. We have masks to wear if we feel it is deemed necessary or if it makes you feel more comfortable.

You may choose to wear your own mask / gloves, whatever makes you feel most at ease.

Appointment times will change with extra time left either side to allow time to clean, change PPE and reduce the chance of more than one guest being in the centre at once.


Social Distancing

Although it is impossible for us to give chiropractic care whilst maintaining the 2m social distancing rule, we will endeavour to maintain social distancing at all other times.  We kindly ask you to respect this same rule.

The centre has a specific “travel” system at the moment to try to maintain the social distancing rule.  You will be guided through the centre by the chiropractor / team member and by following signage.

Only one chiropractor will be working at a time until the COVID-19 situation changes and the restrictions are eased.

We cannot offer drinks at the moment.  Even the toy basket has had to be put away!

Procedure on the day

When you arrive:

•  We kindly ask that you arrive on time – not late, but not early either.  If you are early, please remain in your car until your appointment is due.

•  It would help if you removed unnecessary items of clothing / jewellery (e.g. coats, scarves, watch, bracelets etc) and leave these in your car / bag.

•  The external door may be locked – please ring the door bell and your chiropractor will open the door for you to let you in.

•  On entering the building, please sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided, or if your prefer to wash your hands, please follow the directions to the bathrooms.

•  Kindly enter the Studio rather than the Reception area ( this will be signposted) – we have spaced the seating to allow for social distancing, however we will do out utmost to avoid any waiting time.  Your chiropractor will collect you from this area.

•  Your temperature may be checked and recorded on arrival.

•  PPE (personal protective equipment)  – we have been advised to wear gloves and aprons for each appointment.  These will be changed between each guest.  We have masks to wear if we feel it is deemed necessary or if it helps you to feel more comfortable.

•  If you choose to, you may wear mask / gloves yourself, whatever makes you feel most at ease.

•  Appointment times have changed to allow for time to clean, change PPE and reduce the chance of more than one guest being in the centre at once.

•  Payments need to be contactless if at all possible.  The contactless limit is now £45.

•  You will exit via the reception area not the Studio, where you may sanitise your hands again if you wish.

We will be doing everything that we can to minimise contact apart from the actual clinical session. Your health and safety are paramount in this situation, as is ours and our other guests. We will be assessing the situation on a daily basis and staying updated with news and changes and adhering to government advice.



On a daily basis we keep our premises very clean but you will notice that we are even more vigilant with our cleaning regime at this present time.We are wiping down the treatment beds and any instruments used thoroughly between each guest.

Hands are washed thoroughly with soap and hot water between each guest.

All surfaces are cleaned regularly throughout the day including frequently touched areas such as door handles, light switches, card terminals etc.

Looking after yourself?

Eat a healthy diet – make sure your body has the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients needed for optimal health


Get adequate rest – Get a good quality night’s sleep to give you the energy to get through the day rather than relying on stimulants like sugar, coffee, energy drinks and tobacco.


Stay well hydrated – maximise the effectiveness of your body’s natural defence mechanisms by ensuring you are drinking adequate amounts of water.


Exercise frequently – maximise the efficiency of your lymphatic system, which depends on movement to circulate this vital germ-fighting fluid.


Wash your hands regularly.


The only way to catch anything is to make yourself a hospitable host…be inhospitable to coronavirus!!

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